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FDIC 2013!!!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcAG0MEh9_8] JUST 53 DAYS UNTIL FDIC 2013!!!!!!!! Thats right folks 53 days until the largest, greatest, and most comprehensive fire service conference in the WORLD! I really get geeked up for this time of year. I got to go ...

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Updates and FDIC 2012

Well folks it has been super busy here! Work, life, hobbies it is all taking up so much time that sleep has become that relative that comes to visit every so often and never tends to stay long. Some cool ...

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Do You Have a Play for This?

Fast forward the video to about 1:56 in it you will see an exterior fire attack being performed. During this fire attack the firefighter on the nozzle goes down (unknown reason) and is experiencing some sort of medical emergency. After a ...

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