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It Takes The Basics

  This picture speaks volumes! Often times in todays high technology world where there is an “app” for everything we forget some of the basic yet vital tasks that need to be mastered in order for us to do our ...

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What about the other part?

For a while now there have been blogs, articles, and talk detailing the reasons we should search. These articles specifically focus on the argument on wethere to enter or not enter “vacant” properties. These articles are thrown at you every ...

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October Drill Of The Month: Which Way Out?

    It may seem simple but watch any video, look at any recruit class even veteran firefighters mess this one up. Getting this one right usually makes the difference from “man that was a close one” to “MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY”. The good part ...

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It is that time of year again!

Well folks here in the Metro Richmond area today when folks arose they were met with 60 degree temperatures. While some think this weather is great, a certain portion of our population consider this weather as cold and you know ...

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Yes….even more vent stuff

A few days ago I posted a video and subsequent post on Truss Roof Burn Testing. The video was intended to give you the reader a healthier respect for how fast a roof system itself may collapse when challenged by fire. ...

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More Roof Venting

  Continuing on with our roof venting thoughts please direct your attention to the below video.   While viewing it you will see a roof prop, and 2 fireman going through a training evolution. Once the hole is cut you see ...

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