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Drill of the Month

September Drill Of The Month: Hydrant Man

It is not glorious, glamorous, or even a desirable position to fill. However the hydrant and the hydrant man are VITAL to succesful fireground operations. In order to perform aggressive interior operations we need to establish a continuous supply of water as ...

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August Drill Of The Month: Triage

Triage is an often overlooked and under utilized skill. We often only see its deployment in Mass Casualty Incidents/Disasters. While it is imperative in those situations, it also has value on the every day calls. For example how often do ...

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July Drill Of The Month: REHAB

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6LpW-WnoY0] The above scene is no stranger to anyone. No matter what department, where your located, the amount of fires you take in, or you physical fitness condition we all get tired during firefighting operations and need a break. ...

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