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STATION 51!!!!

Some out there may think this is nerdy, but that’s fine with me! When I was coming up as a cadet and junior member in the Mechanicsville VFD I was exposed to EMERGENCY! It can on reruns everyday around 4PM and after school I would always go to the firehouse and most times EMERGENCY! Was on the TV. I got to see the adventures of Squad 51 and of course Johnny and Roy.

Having done research on the show and having met Randolph Mantooth before I knew the station they used was real, and it had been one of my goals to get to visit that place.

Well on my recents trip to California I did just that!

It was a tremendous experience, something I will never forget, it looked exactly like the show, and the Tyler the firefighter that showed me around was more than accommodating. It is something I will never forget!

Have you seen EMERGENCY!? Is this something on your fire service “bucket list” Let me know on twitter, or in the comments section.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and stay safe!

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