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What We Have To Live Up To…

My oldest son recently had to do a project on a medical based career. Without prompting he chose EMT/Paramedic as his project. He had to research salaries, job duties, job availability, etc. He however added the slide pictured above again unprompted and without coaching.

This is a subtle reminder of what we have to live up to, that even when you do not think you are being watched you are.

We owe it to our kids, families, the families of those we serve to meet this expectation, this view of us everyday. We must strive to keep the admiration and trust those before us have earned.

Make the choice to be the person your kids already think you are, no one is perfect and no one views you as that even your kids, but they know “we never stop, because we care about everyone except ourselves” make the choice to never stop, make the choice to be that person, make the choice to move forward after failure, make the choice to own our failure, make the choice to take the risk, make the choice to be better.


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