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What’s Been Going On!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW it has been a little bit of time since I have been able to post to the blog, but it has been an exciting time! I have been teaching, training, and podcasting and it has truly been a great experience in the midst of some negativity at work. So here is an update on things I have been doing, and what is coming around the corner.

What’s Been Going On

  1. I was able to teach my “Are You Ready For the Firefighter Cardiac Arrest” for 2 sessions at the Virginia State Firefighters Convention. I had 2 great classes with engaging students who really cared about the topic. Thanks to all who attended and the conference for giving me the chance to teach.
  2. I Taught the same class for 2 sessions at this years Virginia Fire Officer Academy. This is my 3rd year teaching this program to future and current fire officers all over the state!
  3. Got to teach 2 sessions of “Reading Smoke” and Fire Behavior to my departments Acting Officer School. In my department we allow Firefighters to Act in the absence of a Lieutenant of Captain only after completing a 6 day school and a task book that takes about a year to complete.
  4. Recently I was on the first episode for season 3 of the 5 Alarm Task Force Podcast w/ Host Steve Greene you can listen to that episode here https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/dalmatprod206/episodes/2018-08-16T05_33_46-07_00 
  5. Lastly I am now 8 episodes in to my venture into podcasting the “Averagejake Firefighter Podcast” this IMO of the 8 episodes is by far the best it is an interview with Evan Wing who works for a company called HMA who produce Ultra High Pressure firefighting pumps he is also a firefighter with Middleton Fire Protection District in Wisconsin a major researcher and user of HMA UHP pumps. Take a listen and be sure to share, subscribe and rate!

What’s Coming Up?

More podcasting for one thing, I have a lot of great guests lined up and I am hoping to grow the podcast to reach firefighters all over the world!

The big news on the horizon is that I will be attending the week long Company Officer Development Program with Jon Norman from the FDNY hosted by Kurt Issacson and County Fire Tactics

It will be a once and a lifetime experience and I am excited to go.

I will NOT be attending FDIC 2019 the timing this year just did not work out and I also did not get selected to teach. Even if I had it would have needed to be an extremely short trip, so it is probably for the better. FDIC is great every year and I know that I will miss not going, and I hope to return on 2020.

My teaching schedule so far is WIDE open so if you are looking for a class, speaker etc. let me know. We can do live in person or over the internet via google hangouts or another medium.


Well that’s about it, please stay tuned for all the great things coming up!

1 hour in the gym, 1 hour in the library, 1 hour HOT

Thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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