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Geniuses and Visionaries

For the last few days I have had the chance to be on staff for the Fire Ground Commander Conference. It was a tremendous learning experience on multiple levels. I learned what it truly takes to run a conference with 170 people plus speakers and workers. I learned a lot from each speaker on each of their respective topics and I learned even more about myself as a firefighter, fire officer, and a leader.

I was given this opportunity by Ben Martin who is not only my friend and former boss but the owner and operator of http://www.embracetheresistance.com Ben lectures nationally on leadership specifically with his takes on culture, emotional competence for leaders, and intoxicated leadership. He is as passionate a person as I have ever met and I am lucky to be included in his circle.

About a week before the conference I had a revelation….

I was watching the movie “The Founder” it was the story of Ray Kroc the “founder” of McDonald’s. The thing is Ray Kroc didn’t found McDonald’s at all it was the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice who literally came up with the concept for everything from the golden arches we are so familiar with today to how many pickles are on the burgers. Ray Kroc saw this and knew from the start it could be something huge. Which here in lies the point…..

The McDonald brothers where absolute geniuses, they thought of EVERYTHING that made McDonalds what it is, however they lacked the vision to make it larger than one small burger stand.

The McDonald brothers where geniuses, Ray Kroc was a VISIONARY!

At the Fire Ground Commander Conference I saw a lot of geniuses, every lecturer and even some attendees fit that category, and they may have a vision of their own but make no mistake the true visionary in that room was Ben Martin. His vision was to bring top flight, well known instructors to Henrico County Virginia in a great venue and at an affordable price. He not only pulled it off he NAILED IT almost single handedly (he has definitely had mentors, and of course staff).

Many have had thoughts of doing exactly what Ben has done (myself included) but very few have the vision, fortitude, and GUTS to pull it off. I was thankful and lucky to be a very small part of it as I am neither genius or a visionary, and can not wait to see what Ben has planned for next year.

Make sure you follow Ben on the Embrace The Resistance Facebook Page (I would link it but I don’t have Facebook) and the Fire Ground Commander Conference on twitter @Fire_Commander

Thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE! 1 hour in the gym, 1 hour in the library, 1 hour HOT.

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