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Teaching The Working Length

The working length of hose is critical when it comes to an engine companies ability to rapidly extinguish a fire. The working length is that first 50 feet of hose from the nozzle to the first coupling. It is the money length of hose! If you can get that length to the fire room rapidly then your chances of putting the fire out multiply exponentially. However I feel that even though it is emphasized in training, students still miss the mark on its importance or even recognizing it.

In order to emphasize the working length I like to make that length of hose a different color when teaching. Before the student even knows the reasoning behind it they can already tell something is different by the different colors clueing them in to pay attention.

During evolutions it makes it easier to emphasize the working length and identify it creating good nozzle man and back up firefighter habits during training that will transfer over to the fire ground. After the visual reminder during every set and rep the importance of the working length will be burned into their memory forever!

Make sure you are spending 1 hour in the gym, 1 hour in the library, and 1 hour doing hands on training every shift.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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