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Friends on Firefighter Training Podcast

I am an avid listener to Chief Pete Lamb’s Firefighter Training Podcast, and have been a guest twice. Recently two people near and dear to me have been guests as well.

First my wife Karen author of Incident Command for EMS http://www.pennwellbooks.com/fire-rescue/command/incident-command-for-ems/  published by PennWell publishing was a guest a few weeks ago discussing all things EMS http://firefightertrainingpodcast.com/all-about-ems-an-interview-with-karen-owens/

Second Lt. Ben Martin from my department was also a quest talking about leadership and his unique style. Ben also runs a Facebook group and website entitled Embrace The Resistance. Please check all of Ben’s stuff out you will not be disappointed.

Podcast: http://firefightertrainingpodcast.com/a-leadership-discussion-with-ben-martin/

Embrace The Resistance: https://www.embracetheresistance.com/


Please check out both Karen and Ben’s stuff and of course if you are not listening to Chief Lamb’s podcast on a regular basis what are you waiting for? Go to Itunes or what ever podcast player you have access to and hit subscribe. They are the perfect length for a workout, or ride in to work.

As usual, thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!



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