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What is your ACTION for 2016?

As we come into a new year, reflection is and should be on our mind. This is usually a time for resolutions, or committing to something new in your life.

There have been massive debates for years on tactics, health and fitness, etc. So much so that the arguments become petty, argumentative, and disrespectful. By no means should we always agree, or should we blindly follow those writing, speaking, blogging, or tweeting. However I feel a great deal of respect and brotherhood has been lost, because of the anonymous nature of social media. Let us just be reminded to be respectful in disagreements and discussions, but moving on…..

Instead of making resolutions, or promising to do better how about we actually DO BETTER!

Do not pledge to do better actually DO BETTER! Take ACTION!

We are 4 days into 2016 and we already have a health related LODD https://apps.usfa.fema.gov/firefighter-fatalities/fatalityData/detail?fatalityId=4476

I am a firm believer that unless we never respond to any emergency ever again that 0 LODD are impossible, there are just to many factors outside of our control to achieve 0. Is it a goal to shoot for? Of course and we should always strive to achieve perfection in anything we do.

However we can take action on the many factors we can control!

Fitness: Are you as fit as you can be? Are you as fit as you SHOULD BE? I am not going to insult your intelligence, or beat you over the head with facts. We all know this physically demanding job, we all know most of our LODD’s are health related. The time for action is long since over due. Do not say your going to work out, DO IT! Spend an hour in the gym at a minimum of 3 days a week.

Training: You can’t control the amount or types of calls you go on, but you can control how prepared you are for the ones you do go to! Take ACTION! Spend an hour minimum every shift doing hands on training. Pull lines, flow water, throw ladders, etc. No excuses DO IT!

Education: As human beings we are always in control of how educated we are on a topic. Take classes, read articles, go conferences, read books. Take on different topics like leadership. Look outside, the fire service for lessons, and educate yourself on countering view points.

The time for action is NOW! Make 2016 the year of ACTION!



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