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Please view the short video of a documented nozzle failure while training. I feel it is imperative that all engine companies check and inspect their nozzles, to ensure they will function when needed.

I must also add that this particular nozzle is a great tool, and in no way is this a dig on the nozzle itself, or nozzle manufacture. This is simply something that happened to me, that I am sharing to highlight that most everything we have goes under an inspection process (apparatus, PPE, SCBA, face pieces, hose, our bodies) yet the tool that provides actual fire extinguishment (the nozzle) goes uninspected sometimes for months! Think about when was the last time you used the nozzles on your engine? Are you training with them daily? Are you running fires daily? For most the answer is no. Even as aggressive as I am about training, we do not flow water through nozzles every shift day. Inspecting the nozzles will ensure that they are in good working order for when you need them most.

Need a template for checking nozzles? Check out this one from Dan Shaw out of Fairfax Fire in Virginia and Traditions Training  Nozzle Inspection

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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