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Fire and Fuel Apparel Review


For the last few months I have been given the great opportunity to review some products from the Fire and Fuel Apparel company http://www.fireandfuelapparel.com/ specifically the Phoenix shirt sleeve, Taking Care of our Own short sleeve, and Skull and Nozzle stretch fit hat.


To say that I was pleased with the products would be a HUGE understatement! I put these products through the paces. They accompanied me during workouts, long car rides, theme park visits, baseball tournaments for my kids, nights out, FDIC, National Fire Academy, etc. I have done just about everything you could imagine with these products and through all of that and multiple washes. Through all of these tests these products have remained comfortable, and like they are brand new!

Comfort is a huge factor for me in a shirt, if even the slightest thing is off it will drive me crazy! The material the shirts are made of are very light and breathe well but are durable in extreme conditions like working out, or a day out with the family. One of the best features is the ability of these shirts to spring back from the harsher environments. I have worn several shirts during workouts and after you get a really good sweat in them they are never the same. They either stain, or worse they carry that body odor with them forever no matter how many times you wash them. With these shirts you can go or a long run, or hard cross fit workout wash it and then go out to the bar with your friends and they will never know you worked out in this shirt! One thing I will say about these shirts is that they are close to form fitting a large is a true large and even my small arms appeared large in this shirt. SO make sure you order your size accordingly.



The crown jewel of the products I got to review was the Skull and Nozzle stretch fit hat. Anyone who knows me knows I am a hat guy. If I can not wear my hat I usually do not go! I wear hats all the time, and have even been known to sleep in a hat a time or two, so believe me when I tell you this hat is one of the best I have ever worn. It breathes, its comfortable, and the best it is a stretch fit hat but it maintains its shape! I have had problems with stretch or flex fit style hats wearing out quickly so I specifically stretched this hat out. I let other people wear it, I let my hair get longer then cut it to see how the hat would adjust. It has maintained its elasticity while, also remaining wearable and comfortable. As previously mentioned this hat endured the same things as the shirts and the performance was out standing!

These products bottom line are OUTSTANDING! The good thing is Fire and Fuel has so much more to offer! Shirts, hats, shorts, stickers, female designs, etc.

Fire and Fuel absolutely get my stamp of approval, and I plan on being a life long customer (really want that cross fit shirt and cross fit shorts). So check them out in the link provided above, you will not be disappointed.


As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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