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FITFIGHTER Training Product Review

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It is my honor and privilege to be bringing you the review for FITFIGHTER Training. I first saw this product at Firehouse EXPO on the exhibit floor, and it floored me! I am always looking for ways to add more realistic fire ground situations to my fitness program, so when I saw the FITFIGHTER booth I walked right over and began asking questions. I got to meet Sarah Apgar the creator of the entire FITFIGHTER Training idea and system who is a certified trainer, Army veteran, triathlete, and volunteer firefighter! She is passionate about improving fitness for firefighters, and within a few seconds of talking to her, the energy and passion becomes contagious.

So what is FITFIGHTER Training anyway?

FITFIGHTER Training is not just a product line it is an entire fitness program, developed to make you fit for the fire ground. The claim to fame and the cornerstone of the FITFIGHTER Training program I the “Steel Hose” made of fire hose and “steel shot”. They come in various weights and sizes in order to tailor the workouts to your level of fitness, and to allow you to make progress and fitness gains. The program an products are also used at the world famous FDNY Training Center known as “The Rock”.

IMG_2135[1] These are just some of the sizes available, and trust me the big ones are quite heavy! What you see pictured hear are the Auger (orange 10lbs), Auger XL (white 14lbs), Hoss (red 20lbs), and Fiend (grey 30lbs).

Now those just alone could be used to increase your fitness, in fact the first time I saw them I already had and idea of what I waned to do with them, however FITFIGHTER is not just a cool workout tool, it is also a fitness program!

IMG_2134[1] They have a workout designed for almost any firefighting scenario! From rescue, to hose handling they cover a wide array of situations every firefighter may find themselves in. Lets take a closer look a some of them.

IMG_1808[1] This is the Forcible Entry Circuit and it focuses on the main muscle groups you utilize in forcible entry your core, shoulders, and arms. I did this workout with the “Hoss” and did 5 cycles or rounds of the complete circuit with 10 reps each. I could definitely feel the burn while doing it and had I not already planned a run, could have done just the circuit and felt like my fitness goals had been accomplished for that day.

IMG_1827[1] This is the ventilation circuit and it focuses more on the arms and legs. This and the Rescue circuit where by far the hardest to do.


One of the best things I like about the entire program is that it can be customizable. They have no recommended rep schemes listed so you a create a workout that you enjoy. You can do a lot of reps on one circuit, you can combine circuits, or you can add it into a separate workout. I would often add in a 400m run between rounds of performing the circuits to increase the intensity. I like programming my own fitness but for beginners this could be a hindrance as they may not know how to program, or even as simple as how many reps or rounds to do. I think creating a recommended workout like Cross Fit would help those new to fitness and just provide a starting point.

Another thing is that these steel hoses can be added to or used in place of other workouts. Instead of medicine ball slams you can use the Fiend. Instead of using a sledge hammer and a tire to simulate venting a roof or forcing a door you can use the Auger XL and a wall, floor, or the ground.

IMG_2136[1] Additionally all of the steel hose’s come with the eyelets. They are designed to go with a set of hooks for storing the steel hoses but you can also put rope or a carabineer through the hole for other workouts. I attached some rope to a tire and carabineer then attached that to the steel hose. It felt exactly like dragging a charged hose line, thus making my workout more realistic for what I am training for.

Overall this is a phenomenal product line and fitness program. You can buy individual hoses, you can buy it all as a package. For more information of purchasing one or all of these great items head here


Again words can not describe how much I have enjoyed working out with the FITFIGHTER Training product line. I am thankful to Sarah Apgar for giving me the chance to review the products, and I recommend them to anyone from the average person just looking to get fit, or the firefighter looking to take your fitness to another level and add some realism.

Make sure you check out FITFIGHTER Training on social media as well

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Again thanks to Sarah Apgar and FITFIGHTER Training!

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!



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