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Firefighter Training Podcast Guest Appearance



I was honored to be asked by Chief Peter Lamb to participate in an episode of his weekly Firefighter Training Podcast. The podcast topic is based on my research and classes on “Medical Mayday”. This is something that is very real. Firefighters are commonly dying due to cardiac arrest, and other medical emergencies, yet our rapid intervention training only focuses on removal of the down firefighter. The “Medical Mayday” focuses on treatment of the down firefighter, what makes firefighter patients unique, and ways to prevent these events from happening in the first place.

The direct link to the podcast is here http://firefightertrainingpodcast.com/?p=301 or you can listen on iTunes

A BIG thank you to Pete for giving me the chance to share my message, if you have not been tuning in to Pete’s podcast you have been missing out! Pete also hosts weekly Google hangouts on Sunday nights at 8pm eastern time each week with a different panel and topic to discuss. They are all broadcast live on YouTube, and archived there as well http://firefightingtoday.com/

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and if you or your department is interested in a Medical Mayday program coming to your area, or you just want some information on the subject contact me on twitter @averagejakeff or [email protected]

Also if your going to FDIC 2015 I will be presenting “Are You Ready for the Firefighter Cardiac Arrest” a classroom session version of my longer 4-6 hour program.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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