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2014 Ohio Fire EMS EXPO


I just got back from the Ohio Fire and EMS EXPO in Columbus Ohio. I was given the chance to teach the 90 minute version of my “Medical Mayday” class talking about firefighter cardiac arrests, why the firefighter cardiac arrest is unique, why the firefighter patient is different, tactics to improve operations, and prevention methods.

My wife Karen also was given the opportunity to teach her “Role of the EMS Provider in the Incident Command System” class based on her book by Incident Command For EMS http://www.pennwellbooks.com/incident-command-for-ems/

Overall the conference itself is well run, Mark Zambito along with the team from FIREHOUSE Magazine provide a great atmosphere and learning environment, adding to that the area surrounding  the convention center is great and provides many relaxing options after the day is done. One of the things I really liked is the instant certificates of attendance. At the larger conferences you have to wait what seems like forever for the certificates for the classes you attend, and even then you have to print them out yourself. At this conference the certificate is waiting for you once your class is over!

Now the conference is small in stature, usually during an educational time period there are only 4-5 classes to choose from, but they are QUALITY! They were able to bring in tops speakers from Ohio and Nationally known speakers like Pete Lamb, and Ryan Pennington.

I got the chance to take Pete’s and Ryan’s class and they were both TOP NOTCH! They also both have websites, podcasts, and Google hangouts so they are truly trying to spread their message. Make sure you check out all these two are offering:

Pete Lamb: http://petelamb.com/

Ryan Pennington: http://chamberofhoarders.com/

Karen even got to record a podcast with Ryan for his Jumpseat Radio Show

IMG_1632[1] http://viewsfromthejumpseat.com/jumpseat-radio-026-ems-issues-karen-owens/

In addition by far the best class was the keynote address by Lt. Pulaski of Columbus Fire and his crew. In it they detailed Lt. Pulaski’s “Near Miss” where he went into cardiac arrest during a basement fire, and how the training his crew had done prior was the key component in his survival. There is a YouTube video detailing the event, but hearing it in person is where I got the most benefit. At minimum watch the video below, at maximum get these guys to come to your department and share the story.

Another really great thing that was offered at this conference was the Strongest Firefighter Competition http://www.strongestfirefighter.com/

It is a “crossfit” style competition to see who is the “strongest” firefighter, but do not let the title fool you, the workouts involved all aspects of fitness and brought to the forefront how important firefighter fitness is to improving our performance and our lives after we are done doing the job.

The overall exhibit floor left a little bit to be desired, but you can not put that on the conference they can only show the groups that will pay for a booth.

Overall this is a small conference, but what it may lack in size it makes up for in the quality education and atmosphere that it brings. It also provides a huge service to the fire and Ems service members of Ohio as from what I am told there is very little in the way of a state conference available to them.

I would recommend attending this conference as it is only going to grow, also if you are looking to get your feet wet teaching then this is a great place for that.

Thanks to the Ohio Fire and EMS EXPO for giving me the chance to spread the Medical Mayday message. It is always a humbling experience teaching others and I always learn something while teaching and attending these conferences. For more info on the Ohio Fire and EMS EXPO http://ohiofireexpo.com/

Also if you are interested in hosting a Medical Mayday program in your department contact me via twitter @averagejakeff or email [email protected] The program comes in multiple formats and can include hands on portions, and it can be tailored to meet the needs of your department.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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