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The Nozzle Forward

This weekend in Fairfax County I attended the “Nozzle Forward” Program taught by Aaron Fields from Seattle Fire and his instructor cadre.

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I had this idea that when I got back I would give a review type post about the class, maybe even with some video etc. That is before I found out that Aaron and his crew donate 20% of everything they make to charity, and in fact this class was put on 100% for FREE to raise money for a firefighter and his family he left behind after an unfortunate accident. All the money all 110 students paid for registration went to the family, the instructor flights were paid for by donations, the food, the rehab, everything done with donations.

So finding out all of that, I do not want to give away the points in the class for free. I will just say this

TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!!!! The instructors are guys who get it, and they have perfected several techniques that will enhance and take your engine company game to the next level! Once you take the class they tell you that you and them are now kin and that they take care of each other. They give you access to a ton of stuff on the website www.thenozzleforward.com that is not available before you take the class. They also have a special secret about taking other classes from them, once you take the class.

So I will say it again TAKE THIS CLASS! It is well worth your time, effort, and money. It is by far one of the best classes I have ever taken and it gives you skills you can use the absolute second you get back to your firehouse. It is hard, blue-collar work just like engine company work is. You will be sore, tired, wet, and BETTER for having taken this class.


Check out the website posted above for all the latest and greatest going on with the program, and to find out when they may be coming to your area.

Also a big shout out goes to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue specifically Jordan. A lot of people had a lot to do with this class taking place but he had the vision and the determination to make it happen. He was also out there on the drill ground making sure everything was working the right way, and making sure no one needed anything. So thanks for being great hosts.

Also another thanks to the guys who traveled with me for class, I am sure they do not want their pics or names on the site, but while I have gone to classes alone it is always better to go with other people. It especially helps to go with guys from your own department to get a different perspective on how things are done, and how the techniques in class apply. So thanks again guy and I hope we can do it again real soon.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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