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Forcible Entry Challenge: The Rear Door

I posted these pictures on twitter (@averagejakeff) yesterday and got some good responses so I thought why not bring it to the masses! (or the 5 of you who read this site)

Commonly the rear door of any occupancy is usually more fortified than others. The door is normally out of sight making it hard for people to monitor, and in mercantile businesses it is usually where the storage/stock room is making it a gold mine for anyone trying to rob an establishment. For the fire department this usually means increased difficulty for gaining entry through these doors. However this remains a priority especially when these occupancies are involved with fire.


Below you will see two pictures of the same door

back door 1 back door 2

What is your initial size up of this door?

Can this door be forced with the irons?

What techniques could you use to force this door?

What additional tools will you use/need to force this door?

Below is the view from the interior of the door:

back door 3 back door 4

As you can see from the interior the door you could assume that the door has 4 points where it could be secured ( 2 barrel bolts, a dead bolt, and the door knob lock) The door knob lock was non operational which is why the exterior guard was in place. The door is usually secured in only the three locations (barrel bolts, and dead bolt).

Now that you see the interior picture does it change you answers to some of the questions above?

A lot of people as soon as they see bolt heads they automatically go to the saw. For trucks, squads, rescues (or what every you call your special service company) and who usually have an abundance of rotary saws this may be the best option and fastest, but if you are around the back with a set of irons can you force this door? I think the answer is YES! You can shear the bolt heads off the door with an axe or adz of the halligan. Or you can drive them off the door with the pike end of the halligan. Then all you have to do is utilize your standard outward opening door forcible entry techniques and you are in! If that does not work you can attack the hinges by driving the fork ends of the halligan over them and then pulling them off (yes this can work even in a metal frame). Other options include pulling the hinge pins (if not painted over) or using the pike and splitting the hinge.

Do not forget that the irons are very versatile and can be used to get into a variety of different doors. They never run out of fuel, and they do not require any sort of fluid. Mastering our other tools are important but above all else we must be experts with the irons!

Thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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