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Firerescuefitness.com 300 Rep Firehouse Challenge

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jlr_dddjpkQ]

I subscribe to the Firerescuefitness.com email blasts and got the email for this workout the other day. Since I had no plans for my daily workout I thought I would give it a try.

THIS WORKOUT IS A BUTT KICKER!!!! It is perfect for the Firehouse enviroment, it requires minimal equiment, and is high intensity and it goes as fast as you can go.

The Workout:

Squat to press (50 reps)
One arm rows (25 reps each, 50 total)
Sumo Bicep Curls (50 reps)
Tricep Skulls (50 reps)
V-ups (50 reps)
Hands on Ball Push-ups (50 reps)
You time yourself and if you want to make the workout more challenging add a 1 mile run, or 3 mile bike as fast as you can!
My time was 14:54 (without the run or bike) and I was whipped afterward and sore the next day.
So do yourself a favor and try this workout today! Also head over to http://www.firerescuefitness.com/ and check them out. They have A LOT of valuable information on workouts, nutrition, etc. They also have Podcasts to listen to, and a Facebok page.
When you do the workout post your times in the comments section, or on my twitter feed @averagejakeff
Also one of the best ways to see what others are doing out there is to get on twitter and look up the twitter hashtag #FSWFitness. Most of the Fire Service Warrior Crew and followers post each and every workout they do there and it is a great resource for motivation.
As usual thanks for reading, spread the word and STAY SAFE!

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