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What if OSCAR was watching?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myWdFRXSF64]

The OSCARS the yearly award show where the best of the best actors, actresses, directors, etc. are awarded for their greatness in film. These people spend thousands of hours perfecting their craft for our entertainment.

However in today’s world everyday may look like a movie set. With the advent of smart phones, and video cameras you can fit in your pocket everyone has a camera and video recording device. Just look on YOUTUBE and you can see a fire from just about anywhere in the United States. The only difference is there is no one letting us know when we are being filmed, no director to yell cut, and no editing room to take out our bad “takes”.

Make no mistake if you have a fire in your area, within 20 mins of your dispatch Facebook posts will be updated, tweets will be sent, and yes someone will be taking pictures and possibly video. It may be the local news or it could be a citizen or “amature videographer”. So within 24 hours your fire will be on YOUTUBE, Statter911.com, Firehouse.com, Firefighternaiton.com and a host of other fire service blogs and websites. This will give people the ability to comment, monday morning quarterback, and hate on your department and what they did at this fire. Some of these visitors will be there to learn and the comments will be positive. In fact you may learn something from the person commenting about your fire. Others however will dissect and point out every negative trait possible. No matter what we do, we can not stop technology, and we can not stop every person from filming us or shooting photographs. So whats the solution?


Thats what we do folks, we get on the drill ground, we read up on tactics, we make sure our rigs and equipment are in working order, we get in the gym and we show up to every incident ready to work!

So the next time whether we know it or not we give the citizens an OSCAR worthy performance. We get them to nominate us to our Chiefs and Local Government as Best Firefighter operating at a fireground, or Best Supporting DPO. What we do not want is being nominated for Best Firefighter in a Comedy!

We get no second chances, there is no one who can erase our mistakes, we have to give our A game EVERY time we go out the door. The only way to do that is through preparation. We train, we workout, we prepare and when the bells hit we show up ready to do our jobs and put all of those things in motion.

So ask yourself was your performance at your last fire or EMS run OSCAR worthy? Would movie critics (our citizens) give it 5 stars? We will never be perfect, I am far from it and I make at least several mistakes a day. However striving for perfection, striving to be at the top of your profession that makes the difference.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE.

Oh an remember OSCAR IS ALWAYS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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