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February Drill Of The Month: Are you ready for the MAYDAY?

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Just like thousands of other firefighters last night, once the news hit the social media sites that a 4th alarm fire with a MAYDAY and multiple fireman trapped in Baltimore Maryland was going on I tuned in.

I followed the developments, and updates from twitter, Statter911.com, Firecritic.com, and several other sites. As the news kept rolling in, I found myself wondering “Am I ready for the MAYDAY”? If you listened to my podcast on Firehouse.com you know that I have said that I do not fear losing a firefighter. It would be sad, tragic, and one of the hardest things to ever happen but I do not “fear” it. In my opinion if we fear that then we will be unable to do our jobs, we will always be second guessing ourselves, and we may not put ourselves in the position to save lives.

What I do fear is being unprepared. I want to be able to thrive on the fireground in any situation, the hardest of which I can imagine would be a MAYDAY either involving me or one of my brother/sister fireman. Have I gone over my MAYDAY procedure enough? Have I put enough time in the gym? I have read enough? Have I trained enough? It’s this fear that keeps driving me to push past my own limits and try to reach that elite level of firefighting.

So take this month to review the following:


2. Your Departmental MAYDAY procedure

3.Gloved hand radio operations

4. RIT procedures

5. Approaching a down firefighter

6. Activation of your PASS alarm

7.RIT bag operation

8.Drags and moving the down firefighter

9. Self Rescue

10. Your Physical Fitness plan

If you spend 1 hour a shift training on one of these topics, and 1 hour working out each shift I can guarantee you will be well on your way to approaching that elite level of firefighting we need in order to serve our citizens and ourselves in the way all parties involved deserve.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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