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The Week Of AWESOME STUFF!!!!!

Thanksgiving may be a few days away but this week it feels like Christmas has come early! I have had the chance to get some really neat stuff and experience some very cool things.

First my brother-in-law Adam has recently just returned from his military deployment aboard the USS Enterprise. Adam is a Ship Board Firefighter in the United States Navy and this was the last deployment of the USS Enterprise. On top of that being cool enough they had to ride through Super Storm Sandy! Well Adam brought back a gift for me here it is


HOW COOL IS THAT it is the Challenge coin for the Enterprise Firefighters, and no offense to The Fire Critic and Ironfiremen but this goes to the front of the list for the coolest Challenge coin I have ever received. I can’t thank Adam enough and I hope that once his military service is over that he gets to realize his dream of becoming a career firefighter.

Second I got an email the other day from Brian Brush over at Fireservicewarrior.com. He said he wanted to send me a copy of the new Fire Service Warrior Foundations book, and a little something extra for helping spread the FSW message. So today I got this in the mail.

I got a copy of the book, and a Colorado 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Shirt! I am very humbled that Brian and the other guys over at Fire Service Warrior thought to send me these things. I plan on putting myself though the foundations program and giving a full review on the blog. Thanks a bunch guys and I will see you in INDY!

Lastly today I got to participate in my first official podcast with Ryan Pennington from www.viewsfromthejumpseat.com . Our Podcast “Average Jakes Views From The Jumpseat” will be a monthly podcast on Firehouse.com and will be a street level podcast for the and from the firefighter perspective. To say I am excited would be an understatement. This has been the culmination of a lot of skyping, meeting, hard work, and conversation, and I think the finished product will be one that everyone will be able to enjoy. I want to thank Ryan for involving me on this venture as we have never met in person only through texting,email, skype and twitter. He took a chance on a complete stranger and we have even become friends throughout this process. Another big thanks goes out to Peter Mathews the editor of Firehouse.com for the chance to do this. So stay tuned every month to Firehouse.com for the show and please send a TON of feedback.

Well that is all for tonight. As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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