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Update on some things

Wow has it been busy around here! Working both jobs, studying for class and the promotional assessment center, kids, and add in a super storm hurricane and it has been quite a lot going on and it has been taking a lot of my time up and away from the site. So I wanted to post today because with the storm still closing in we may or may not have power in my area.

First off my podcast venture with Ryan Pennington on Firehouse.com is still a go. There have been some editing issues and other technical stuff that has delayed the launch but it will be out soon. In the mean time we are getting ready to record the second episode so that once the first one hits the web the next one will be locked and loaded. So stay tuned to twitter, Firehouse.com, this site and http://viewsfromthejumpseat.com/ for information.

Speaking of Ryan and the “Views Crew” I had the pleasure of viewing his very first webcast today on Fires in Hoarding Homes. Ryan has become an expert on this topic and has done research all over the world on the topic. This is a very serious topic that affects EVERY Fire and EMS provider. The webcast was just an hour-long but I have spoken to Ryan and he is already planning the next one. If you or your department is looking for a great training class then you need to hit the link above and get Ryan to come to your locality. YOU WILL NO BE DISSAPOINTED! Hoarding is a serious threat to us all and we need to be ready, Ryan has some great information so contact him today!

Lastly I have become a member of Team Firefighter http://teamfirefighter.blogspot.com/ is a group of firefighter from all over the country who race in road races, adventure races, triathlon, and other endurance races. On the site you will find bio’s of all the team members, and reviews of the races they have run. Here is a link to my bio page http://teamfirefighter.blogspot.com/2012/10/robby-owens-bio.html . If you are interested in running races, or already to and want an avenue to share ideas, and your thoughts on racing and fitness then contact Team Firefighter and join today!

Well that is it for now, hopefully the Hurricane will stay a non issue and I will not have to report back to duty until Wednesday. If your out there in the storm, or on duty stay safe,and keep your situational awareness high.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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