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The Wire Brush

With our staffing levels getting lower, and our buildings getting higher it seems counter productive to ask people to ADD something to the tools and equipment they carry into and around a fire building. However in order to accomplish our mission we need to make sure we are carrying the right stuff for the occupancy types we are facing.

If you have a standpipe or sprinkled building in your district you need to seriously consider carrying a wire brush in you standpipe kit, and your rig in your drivers compartment. Let me explain.

The wire brush can be a vital tool in allowing you to connect to the FDC on the exterior or the stairwell standpipe in the interior.

This is rust build up in a standpipe. This same rust that builds up over time due to age, water flowing, improper maintenance, and a host of other reasons can also build up on the threads and connections of the exterior FDC, and interior standpipe connections. This rust can cause the threads to not meet up correctly and alow you not to make a proper connection for water delivery. Also from years of cross threading metal spurs can exist on these threads or connections and also hinder the threads meeting up properly.

Taking a few seconds to deploy the wire brush on the exposed threads of the stairwell standpipe, and the female threads and swivel of the FDC can overcome some of the rust build up, and metal spurs, allowing the connection to be made and water to be successfully delivered to its destination. Think of the time that can be wasted, and the fire growth that can occur if you have to abandon your original connection! Taking a few seconds to use the wire brush could save valuable minutes of time in the long run.

The good thing is this is simple, and wire brushes are cheap. The hard part is going out before hand and identifying your trouble standpipes and FDC’s.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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