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Through The Lock: Rim Lock

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu0-nIgBSZk]

The above video is a great instructional tool on how to go through the lock on the rim lock. These locks are typically found in older residential and multifamily dwellings. It even covers the difficulties of the “burglar shutter” and how to deal with that if it is present.

In some older cities this lock is still very prevalent. In an area such as mine with portions of the county built-in the 30’s and 40’s and other built-in the 90’s and 2000’s the variety of locking mechanisms can be staggering. We have to be experts on them all. The Rim Lock is just one of those locks, that while we may not see often is still in use and can throw us off if not prepared for it.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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