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Catching Up!

It feels like forever since I have been able to devote some time to the blog. Things have been CRAZY busy here on the homestead. I just finished up a week of the new Rope Rescue Level 1 course. Here in Virginia they have totally revamped the Heavy Tactical Rescue program (HTR), by dropping some courses, adding some courses, and combining some courses. This course that I took over the last week was a combination of old Rope 1, and 2. In this class we did rigging, rappelling, haul systems, lowering systems, pick offs, victim packaging, ascending, etc. all culminating in one huge scenario. It was tough and very labor intensive but I learned a lot and got to hang out with fireman from all over the state. Here are a few highlights.




This program was all part of a week-long offering from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs called “Rescue Week” in addition to my class, there was Trench Rescue,Vehicle Rescue, and Introduction to Technical Rescue Classes all being taught. It was the first in what I hope is a pattern of doing this yearly.

In other news I also found out that I will be going back to FDIC 2013 this time as a Work Shop Instructor! My class “The Medical Mayday” will be 4 hours long and will encompass the missing part of the Mayday/fireground rescue process, actually caring for the victims once they are removed from the fire ground. I think it is going to be very well received and I hope I do the topic justice. It is not to early to sign up, head over to www.FDIC.com and sign up today! You do not want to miss FDIC it is by far the best fire conference out there with educational, networking, and exhibit opportunities!

Lastly in a few short days I and hopefully 343 other fireman from this area will be climbing 110 stories for the 343 FDNY firefighter murdered on 9/11. You can still register by going here http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1117802 . There is ZERO reason not to do this climb, and pay tribute to the fallen firefighters of the FDNY. There is no excuse for the Metro Richmond Area to not fill this climb up, it is an insult if we do not, so SIGN UP TODAY!!!! The money collected from all the climbs nation wide goes to support the FDNY Counseling Unit http://www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/html/units/csu/index.shtml a unit that provides counseling to firefighters and family’s.

If you do not feel you can make the climb then send in your money anyway and I will carry the name of your firefighter for you. No excuses fill this climb and honor those that have gone before us. We all promised to never forget, now here is a chance to show that you have not forgotten.

Well things are still getting busier and busier! Intermediate to Paramedic bridge class has started, Youth Football for my oldest is in full swing, in the next week or so my youngest will start youth soccer, the oldest will also be heading back to school soon, the wife is teaching an EMT-Basic course, and my self and Ryan Pennington http://www.viewsfromthejumpseat.blogspot.com/ and http://chamberofhoarders.com/ are getting ready to start our joint venture that will help spread our message of fire service excellence far beyond our individual websites.

You can always follow along on twitter @averagejakeff and….

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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