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Take a look at the picture above. You have a working fire in a multi family occupancy with an obvious rescue, what do you do?

Take your fire department, engine, crew, etc. and sit down and talk about it. Then hit the drill ground and practice this plan.

In my situation I think 2 plans would be put into place. Some of our Engines are housed with Truck companies, and Squad companies, allowing for simultaneous arrival of the first engine and first special service company. In that case the solution to me is simple, let the special service company handle the rescue, and the engine stretch the appropriate line and mount a fire attack, more than likely transitional.

Arriving as a lone engine company with 3 person staffing, I feel like we have 2 choices. Dedicate all you people to the rescue, or make an attack on the fire, and stop the “patient generator” from growing. I would make an exterior fire attack on this occupancy with 1 firefighter (1 firefighter should be able to handle the hose) and have the officer throw a ground ladder for rescue (again 1 person should be able to throw the ladder alone). Once the driver is set up he can come over and assist.

Neither is wrong, but the important thing is to HAVE A PLAN, AND TRAIN ON IT! Just talking about it is not enough.

So I ask again What Would You Do? Send your responses in the comments section, twitter, or email. make sure to give a little background on your department as well, so we know what you’re facing where your from.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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