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Are You Ready For When The Fight Goes Bad!

In Mixed Martial Arts and other combat sports fighters often train for the worst case scenario. They call this training “fight gone bad” training. It basically consists of getting put in bad positions and trying to get out of them. These bad positions mimic actual positions they may be placed in an actual fight.

Far to often in our R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team) training we focus on the deployment of the R.I.T. into the structure to “rescue” the down firefighter. We seldom or place little focus on the self survival skills. When is the last time you breached a wall? Cut your way out of an entanglement? Or even went over your MAYDAY procedure? These skills will go a long way to your survival, when our “fight goes bad”.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyRedmv5jZw]

Above is an example of a “fight gone bad” self survival course, that can be built at your department. However it does not have to be that formal, or complex. You can use things around the firehouse to simulate situations we can be placed in on the fireground.

Every firehouse has a mattress right? In order to simulate a ceiling collapse take the mattress place it over the fully bunkered and SCBA firefighter and then lay on it. This will add enough resistance to simulate being trapped under debris and the difficulty of having to navigate to your radio and issue your MAYDAY.

Every fire truck has a ladder. So take the ground ladders lay them on their beam, and use it to practice low profiling manuevers with your airpack.

The possibilities are endless, all it takes is some creativity! What are some of the things you’re using in your department to train for the fight gone bad? Leave them in the comments section, or better yet take a pic and send it to me via twitter, or the email [email protected] .

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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