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Product Review: Cobrabraid 550 Paracord Braclet “Firefighter” Edition and giveaway!

I was given the opportunity to review the COBRABRAID 550 Paracord Bracelet “Firefighter” edition  as well as the “Firefighter” edition key chain here are my thoughts on the products.

First the bracelet. It is made out of very durable paracord material. When I say durable I mean it. I got this bracelet dirty, wet, sweaty, soapy, hot, cold, you name it I put it through it and it stood up to all the tests I put it through. The design is nothing new as the thin redline in the black bracelet has been a symbol of fallen firefighter remembrance for as long as I can remember.


This version of the bracelet is secured with a velcro strap. The positives of this are the ability for you to add some extra tightness to your bracelet. However I found the material to become irritating while sweating, or if the bracelet became wet. COBRABRAID does offer a variety of other fastening devices for their bracelets so this is something customizable to the end-user. If you plan on wearing this during physical activity I would use some vaseline or runners glide to keep irritation down.

The key chain…

The key chain design is just like the bracelet, and the durability is the same as well. The only negative to this product is the carabiner size. It is very small and as I often clip my keys to my bag while I am at work the carabiner did not fit around the straps of my bag. I also often clip my keys to my belt loops while going into a store off duty, and some of my belt loops were to big for the carabiner. Other than that this is a solid product but could use some improvement with a larger carabiner option.

If this style is not to your liking then do not fret COBRABRAID offers a wide variety of bracelet, with multiple fastening and color options. They even have some special military, and police ones. They are also beginning to add medallions to the bracelets to add even more customization features. In these medallions you can add Maltese crosses, stars of life, your department patch etc.

For more information check them out on the web a WWW.COBRABRAID.COM oh and did I forget to mention this product is “Made In The USA” which is a huge point in any companies favor.

Ok so I know what you’re saying, you really like these products but you’re a little strapped for cash, well have no fear the great people over at COBRABRAID sent me a second bracelet and key chain combo to give away to my loyal readers.

These could be yours. All you have to do is email me at [email protected] or tweet @averagejakeff me with the hashtag #COBRABRAID by July 9th 2012. Make sure you include your mailing address and name so if you win I can get them out to you asap. All entries will be assigned a number and via the “random number generator” (drawing out of a hat) the winner will be selected, and the prize sent out to you.

So tell your friends, enter to win and go to WWW.COBRABRAID.COM and check out all they have to offer. A big shout out to COBRABRAID for allowing me the chance to review the products an reward my readers with great products.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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