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Is this how you feel?

I was recently made aware of a great fire service blog written by Mark Vonappen. The blog is called fully involved and it is full of great leadership examples and quotes. While I was thumbing through them the other day I came upon this one http://mark-vonappen.blogspot.com/2012/04/no.html take a moment and read it.

This sums up exactly how I feel on most days. Well taking the lead from Steve Kraft (FDIC 2012 Keynote), and several other well-respected members of the fire service I am going to as the post says “start moving ahead with or without you” I am done waiting, done talking about, and done trying to placate to those who do not want to see excellence in our Fire Service. I will not waste any more of my time, or your time blogging about these “fireman” who are here for the awesome schedule. The biggest reason is it is counter productive. Those people are always gonna be those people no point in preaching to them about concepts that they will never get or have the values, or care to understand.

I love this job, flat-out love it. There are very few places I would rather be than riding on a fire engine heading to a call. For far to long I have let people who use words like brotherhood as a punch line bring me down. No more!

In order to fully get to the next level that I want to get to, the anger, negativity has to go away. It will be a long battle with my emotions but it has to happen. It will not happen over night, or even over a year but today is the day to change it.

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