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FDIC Review Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the FDIC 2012 Review! When we last left you it was friday of FDIC and the conference for me was just about wrapped up. We (my group) had all intentions of heading out that evening to the Indy Local 416 Party and Pumper Pull, but we wanted to eat at the Tilted Kilt first. Well before we were even done with our meal the rain came and it got cold and it never stopped.

I hope this is not a deterrent for Local 416 to not have the party again, or to move it back to the Union Hall. In the past they have had this party at their Union hall which is ( in my opinion) a considerable distance from the Down Town area and convention center which is the epi center of everything going on with an about the conference. Having been before when I was in college, I have always tried to convince my “group” to go but they never wanted to make the trek. This year they decided to move it to Georgia Street just outside the convention center. So of course the year I convince them to go IT RAINS!!!!! Oh well I hope it is back on Georgia Street year and the weather is better.

Basically after that the conference was over for me, I made one last trip over to do a final sweep of the exhibits. At one of the booths they were offering up a knife if you could win three hands of black jack well…..


But that is not all I won. It is obvious that not a lot of people have bought into the whole “social media” phenomenon, @FDIC was tweeting things all week-long and giving away free stuff to people who knew the answers to trivia questions. Well as we were waiting for our ride back to the airport to head home @FDIC tweeted that they would give away an IPAD 2 to the first person to answer a trivia question. Well the only people who responded where me, my wife, and my brother

BUT I GOT MINE IN FIRST!!!! Thats right folks I walked away with a free 16g IPAD 2 from FDIC all by following them on twitter! FDIC is not the only thing given away via twitter, celebrities host contests all the time. Just the other night NASCAR driver Joey Logano gave away race tickets to the upcoming race in Richmond. In addition you can get expanded content from all your favorite fire service bloggers, websites, personalities, etc. So bottom line is get on twitter and while you’re at it follow @averagejakeff

Even with all the great stuff the best part of it all was getting to take my dad out to his first FDIC! I wrote a little about my dad in the post here:  http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/nostalgia/ My dad is a simple guy with simple pleasures, a cold beer and a recliner and you put him anywhere and he will be happy. He would have never though of spending his own money to go to FDIC because it would take money away from his family, so when my wife was given a free full conference package after entering a Facebook contest (see social media) and we had the free hotel room for being instructors I knew if his department would put up some money we could get him out there. They did, and so he came and I think it is safe to say he had a blast! I hope this is not his last time wanting to make the trip, but if it is I am glad he got to see me teach, and see Karen push her book.

Here are just some other pictures from FDIC:




Well that’s the end of the FDIC 2012 Review Part 3. I hope you had as good a time reading it as I did living it! If I didn’t get t meet you or if we met and I missed talking about you please no hard feelings, it happens. Hopefully there will be an FDIC 2013 for me, but as the kids get older and more obligations come to the forefront you have to sacrifice. One thing I can guarantee is that this will in no way be my last FDIC, I plan on attending these things even after I am retired, hopefully to see one if not both of my sons follow in my foot steps.

Hope you enjoyed the review, keep following along on twitter @averagejakeff, please give the guys I mention in these reviews some business they are all doing GREAT WORK! Also I won (my wife won) one other thing at FDIC that I am keeping a secret that I will be giving away VERY SOON so stay tuned for that.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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