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FDIC 2012 Midweek Update

Greetings from the HOOSIER STATE!!!! FDIC 2012 is off running and in full effect. Yesterday was great, I started off the morning teaching my class “Engine Company Emergencies” to a full room. When I went to check my class evaluations they were all really good. I would say I had about 60-70 people in the room and only 1 person who had negative stuff to say about the class so the old adage “you can’t please everyone is quite true”

The best part of yesterday was getting to finally meet some people I have been conversing with for several months via twitter, email, and blogging.

I got to meet Brian Brush from www.fireservicewarrior.com, Jason Jeffries from www.workingthejob.com, Chris Huston from www.engineco22.net , and meet again Jonah Smith from http://www.hosejockey.blogspot.com/

Most of those guys even took time out of the busy day to come to my class. It was an honor to meet them, and to talk to them. I am sure it will not be the last time.

Last nite also was the Annual FOOLS Brotherhood Bash, and as usual it was awesome! After that we hit the hotel for a “night-cap” and ended up running into Rhett Fleitz from www.firecritic.com . I always enjoy talking to Rhett, he is very honest and blunt about his fire service opinions and I love that since I am not a beat around the bush type of guy. He also was very instrumental in my starting to blog, and continuing to blog. He also gave me one of his challenge coins they are high quality and great, and I feel honored to have one.

So today is another day filled with classes, and at 6 I me and my wife @stickysidedwn will be running the Courage and Valor 5k Run. After that it will be more of the same learning, talking, and “consumption”.

I will be doing a full FDIC 2012 review when I return home complete with pictures. Until then keep following along on twitter @averagejakeff for pics, comments, and views from the conference.

As usual thanks for reading,spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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