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Just alot of stuff….

This post is going to be all over the place so strap in now!

First it has been a bad few days for LODD’s all over the nation. Maine, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and now Pennsylvania (specifically Philadelphia) have all experienced LODD’s within the past few days. These things can strike at ANY TIME. That is why it is important to train, workout, and dedicate yourself to this job like your life depends on it, because quite frankly it DOES. Sure you need other hobbies, stress relief, and of course a strong family system, but we have to dedicate ourselves to the job as well otherwise the next LODD might be you. Think about the impact that would have on your department, your shift, your FAMILY! I love my family, I love the fire department, I love the Washington Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, Joe Gibbs Racing, movies, etc. and I want to be around to experience a lot more of ALL OF THEM. SO the solution to that is to be trained to the highest level I can be both mentally and physically. If something freak happens then I, my family, department, and shift can take comfort in the fact that I worked as hard as I could to prevent it.

In other news, I was contacted by Olivia Flick by email you remember her the brains behind the Baltimore Fire Documentary “13 Box” I wrote about it here http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/baltimore-city-fire-movie/ . It turns out she is trying to get some financial backing in order to publish the movie to DVD so she has asked for us to try to drum up some support for her and the film. So please take a few seconds and donate to get this movie into DVD format. This story like all other TRUE firefighting stories are what we need to be supporting and telling. So head here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1312009407/13-box and let’s get this movie out on DVD!

Lastly in 6 short days the largest meeting of firefighters in the nation will be taking place at the annual FDIC conference in Indianapolis Indiana! There is NO better place to recharge your fire service batteries, and be around people who love this job than FDIC. The classes, the exhibits, the socializing, the night life it gets no better than FDIC! If you can not make it be sure to follow along on Fireengineering.com and with me on twitter @averagejakeff . If you are heading out come see my class, buy my wifes book (ICS for EMS), meet her for a signature, join me in the Courage and Valor 5k Fun Run, or just say HI!

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE! For those of you heading out to INDY I’ll be there Tuesday nite, and be there until Saturday afternoon so I will see ya soon!


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