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IAFF/NIST Crew Size Study

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard about the IAFF/NIST Study on Crew Size Effectiveness. They published the study, and now have this video explaining and showing the difference.

Now those of us actually doing this job already knew that the more people we have the faster we can get critical tasks accomplished on the fireground. Sadly the people who do not know also have no idea about this study or the impact it has on them, I am of course talking about the citizens, and government officials.

We need to be throwing this in their face! Your governing body, mayor, city council, county manager, citizens etc. need to see this! It is time we were honest with the people we serve and use the plain language of people are going to die if you take away our or reduce our staffing. Do not allow people to tell the ones you serve that their service delivery is not going to change.

This is something that hits close to home as the department that serves my home, and protects my family while I am working has had to deal with so many budget cuts that they have already begun to have certain engine companies run with 2 people. I do not blame the department as I know they are doing what they have to do in order to at least have some kind of protection. I blame the so-called leaders who do not give resources to critical functions.

Bottom line is no one else can do what we do. You can teach the garbage man to work a steam roller, on a road crew, but you can not get them to put out your fire, pull you out of a burning building, etc. Only your fire department can do that and it takes people to get the job done.

Get this video out there, talk to your citizens in the grocery store, or on calls and make sure they know what we do, and how many people it takes to do it.

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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