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Wildfire Pro App Review

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Firewhat.com (www.firewhat.com) and asked to review their Wild Fire Pro App for the Iphone, well since I don’t have an Iphone I had to pass the review on to my brother Danny O below are his thoughts:

Wildfire Pro By: Firewhat


                The Wildfire Pro app for the iPhone is a very dependable and informational app.  Although it is mostly geared towards wild land fires it could also be used for structure fire as well.  This app has a lot of information for the reasonable price of $4.99.  Some of the features of the app include a map of incidents, a guide section, and calculators.

The incident map shows where there are current wild land fires in the United States.  When you click on the individual fires more information pops up.  This information includes the size of the fire, the latitude and longitude, the area where the fire is (State, City, and County), the % of the fire that is contained, and numerous other topics of interest when dealing with wild land or structure fires.

The guide section is broken down into 4 sections; size up, safety, operations, and weather.  Each section provides very detailed information and reminders on each topic. You can almost consider them as mobile checklists if you’d like.  They provide definitions, guidelines, and overall general information about each of the above topics.  This is a very good addition to the app.

Overall this is app is very helpful if fighting wild land fires is up your alley.  This app has lots of room to expand and I personally can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with.  This app has lots of potential and is receives the Average Jake stamp of approval.

It seems like this app is very functional and is perfect for Wild Land Firefighters, and even those of us that are in structural departments yet have to respond to wild-fire incidents. Firewhat.com also offers a wide variety of other apps and information and they are developing new stuff every day. Head on over and check them out at WWW.Firewhat.COM

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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