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St. Patricks Day

TOP O THE MORNING TO YA!!! Today is St. Patrick’s day, I wanted to get this post out earlier but I ran out of time, and had some training to do for my new part-time job.

Unfortunately St. Patty’s is not as big a deal here as it is in other cities. There is no parade, and only a very few events that are not very “family friendly” per say.

I do like to go out an “celebrate’ St. Patty’s but ever since I celebrated a few years ago at the OTT House (A famous bar in Emmitsburg Maryland that is a must visit when you go to the National Fire Academy) most other celebrations have fallen short.

I feel like Hank Williams Jr. cause like him all my Rowdy friends have settled down. Most of my buddies are like me married with kids, and a lot of them have scary wives that to be honest I would not ask to go out either if I had to live with them (just kidding ladies). My wife on the other hand she tries to find reasons to get rid of me so when I informed her that I had no plans for the evening she was not excited (lol).

So if you are out an about tonite lets not give our brothers a reason to leave their comfy chairs to come and take care of us. Have a driver, take a cab, stay at a friend’s house. The long and short is have a great time, embrace the brotherhood, but be responsible.

Only 29 days until FDIC!!!!! Keep following along on twitter @averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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