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High Rise Training, and Blog of The Year


While I normally try not to post about work, or my department because a lot of people (mostly the bosses) do not like the fact that I blog, or write articles for magazines I feel that when we do something revolutionary, it needs recognition.

The department I work for was given a once in a lifetime chance to get some high-rise training in a real life building with working stand pipes, elevators, etc.  A few years ago all of the Metro Richmond Departments participated in a High Rise Training Initiative in order to get all departments on the relative same page, and to asses the interoperability functions between departments. Unfortunately we did not have a high-rise building to train in so a lot of it was done with simulation (pretending the third floor of a burn building was really a 6th floor).

But this building we have been using is an 8 story hotel that allowed companies to stretch from standpipes, force real doors, search real rooms, climb real stairs, etc. I can not emphasize enough how valuable this training is.

I got to go yesterday and I gained a lot from it. It was a good assessment of my current physical fitness level, a good assessment of what our staffing levels can really do, and I picked up some really neat forcible entry tricks on hotel doors.

For more about it check out the video below. I also want to give a HUGE shout out to the Fire Training staff, and Instructor Cadre. This was an awesome drill that people will be benefitting from for years to come and it could not have happened without them.


In other news the 2012 Fire and EMS Blog of the Year Contest is upon us, and even to my surprise I am one of the finalists! I am humbled to be mentioned with such blogs as www.fireservicewarrior.com and www.workingthejob.com. Would I like to win? OF COURSE but even just being in that company is like winning.


Blogging has been love and hate for me, especially because I hear a lot of negativity from some of the people I work with. However the positive things I hear all out weigh them. The goal I have is to share my journey as a firefighter, pass along things I learn along the way, and share my personal views and feelings on the fire service. If that helps just one person then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Trust me there is no money in this, and while there are perks they are few and far between. I do this for the love of the fire service and the hopes my experiences can and will help someone.

So go here http://firecritic.com/2012/03/14/voting-for-your-favorite-fire-andor-ems-blog-of-2012/ and vote for your favorite fire blog and EMS blog.

Also do not forget about FDIC, and keep following along on twitter @averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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