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Back From Daytona….Finally

Well I am very glad to finally be back from Daytona International Speedway and the historic 54th running of The Great American Race! For those that may not know this was a birthday present from my wife and it allowed me to go to Daytona to see an iconic race track, and a ton of great racing.

It was more historic than normal because for the first time in 54 years the race was no run on the planned day due to weather. It was also the 1st ever Daytona 500 to be run under the lights.

If that were not exciting enough, little did I know I was going to get to see one of the most bizarre things of my life! Take a look at the video below and see what happens when a race car hits a jet dryer! I videoed most of it but I was far from it at the entrance to turn 1 and this incident happened over in turn 3. I was very impressed with the track safety crews at DIS. I can definitely sympathize with them at the difficult task it takes to perform our jobs in this environment. The department I work for provides track safety (pit road, extrication/fire trucks) and out side Fire and EMS for the Richmond International Raceway. Now I have never done anything on this gran of a scale but I have been in the pits for races, and I know what the department goes through trying to provide services to basically a small city for the time the race is in town. The fact that they go the fire out with minimal damage to the race track, no one dying and, we were able to go racing again is impressive, oh yea and about 32 degrees of banking (essentially a 4 story building). Kudos to them!

I did get one other thing accomplished while I was there:


When we got there we knew that the speedway had multiple fire engines and stations so my mission was to get a picture of one and this one came right down the road we were camping on, it was a quick shot but it was very cool, I did not get a chance to talk to the brothers manning the rig, but would have loved to. If I ever get to go back I wanna get some better shots of the rigs, and maybe even see one of their fire stations! If any of the guys that worked out at Daytona are reading this I would love to do a patch,shirt,or hat trade with you. Just contact me through the contact tab, or on twitter!

Overall it was a great trip, but I am ready to get back to my fitness routine, and most importantly back to 3 Engine. So far my shift didn’t run anything to crazy while I was gone so we will hopefully get into something good when I get back. We also have some very exciting training coming up for the department, and FDIC is very close! I will be presenting my “Engine Company Emergencies” class on Wednesday and of course be staying for the remainder of the conference. If you want to know where I will be all you gotta do is follow me on twitter @averagejakeff or on 4square and you can come meet up with me and we can have a few adult beverages and solve all the problems of the fire service! Or at least have some good talk.

Also if you haven’t done so yet you need to enter to win your very own copy of ICS for EMS written by my talented and lovely wife. Head over to her site www.stickysidedown.wordpress.com or hit her up on twitter @stickysidedwn

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!



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