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Public Service Announcement Part Deux!!!!


With your donation of just 1 hour of hands on training a shift you can prevent Halligans like Harry here from being out on the street looking for random doors to force. Harry started off like any other halligan, but eventually he was forgotten by his fire company, and ended up soliciting his forcible entry talents on the street, eventually getting impounded by the local police for participating in a robbery. Sadly this is the fate that most tools face, as there use on the fireground has steadily decreased.

Now Harry is homeless, with his only true companion Alex the Axe. Lets make sure none of our tools end up like Harry and Alex. Donate just 1 hour of hands on training a shift and prevent Fire Ground Tool Neglect.

This Message brought to you by The Firefighting The Right Way Coalition, and Stop Fireground Tool Neglect Foundation.

Don’t Be A Fool, Grab Some Tools!

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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