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You gotta really want this job…..

I have been reading some pretty motivational stuff as of late, specifically the “Owning The Job” Series over at www.firecritic.com. It has come at a good time when I am kinda down on my motivation (not personal but departmental). Sometimes it is just hard to do a good job with people who do not care (not any one specific person just an overall feeling) so I am trying to take some of these motivational words to heart and trying to stay motivated even in the face of non caring.

I try to be the change, or better yet the fireman I want to see others become. Sadly and for some reason loving the job, and wanting to be fully immersed in it will not only cause ridicule but down right hate for you when dealing with some people. I am being serious when I say that there are people who absolutely HATE me, all because of my level of involvement with the fire service. They know nothing of me the person, yet they still choose to hate usually from a distance.

So then I came across one fo my favorite motivational speeches from one of my favorite movies “Brotherhood” (it’s a must see). It is short and sweet but it really speaks to me. This job is not given to you, sure you can fake your way through a career but at some point the stuff is gonna hit the fan and your going to get exposed for what you really are. You really have to want this job in order to do it the right way, and if you want it you have to come and get it, it is not going to wait on you.

Bottom line I am still chasing this job, there are things that I need work on, and there are things that I have a great grasp of. I even stepped into a whole new world as a medic to which I am like a rookie all over again. I am not perfect (in any aspect of life especially verbal expression, well at least in diplomatic verbal expression) but I will always be chasing, going after the job. Will you? Or will you let this job take a back seat?

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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