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American Series 2000 Lock

This is just a short video on how to defeat the American Series 2000 lock AKA “The Hockey Puck Lock”. I was originally taught this method by Capt. Robert Morris of the FDNY at FDIC East in Atlantic City New Jersey, during his 8 hour forcible entry class.

One thing to point out is that there are many imposters out there now a days and using the “Series 2000” stamp as a land mark may throw you off as it may not exist on the lock. However the locking mechanism on these imposters is usually in the same place. If you aim your Cut 2/3 the way up the lock from the key point you will usually be in the right spot. Another hint is that you know you’re in the right spot when you see sparks. With our abrasive blades the metal used in the series 2000 lock will not spark but the internal locking mechanism will. So you know if you see sparks your cutting the locking mechanism.

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