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I have been thinking about this for a while and after some recent events it has finally boiled over to where I feel the need to write about it.Also I feel I must say this based on past experience, and I am even going to caps and bold it, THIS IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE PERSON THIS IS AN OVERALL GENERAL FEELING I HAVE AFTER 15 YEARS INVOLVED WITH FIRE AND EMS... so now that that’s out-of-the-way here it goes.

This all stems from some work stuff, like I wrote in a previous post a lot of people out there do not like the fact that I have a blog, write articles for Fire Engineering online, write articles for our Training Section Publication, or in general have an opinion that I am passionate about. Now I will take some of the blame here, I am not as articulate as some, I am not a deep person who can string words together like endless melodies and make it always come out sounding right, and I am very passionate about what I do. So sometimes I know I can get a little carried away, I constantly have to remind myself that not everyone LOVES this job the way I do. One thing I am also not is perfect, although that is where I am trying to get I often fall short. I guess that’s why I put so much emphasis on training, learning etc. cause I am not perfect so I feel that there are very few times when I couldn’t be learning something about this job.

The term “he is really into the fire department” or “he really loves his job” used to be a good thing but for some reason now they are used as an insult. It is apparently no longer cool to “care” about this job. Being seen reading a Fire Engineering magazine for example, or looking at a fire service blog like Statter911.com is usually met now with ridicule and the “why the hell you looking at that”.

The big question I have is WHY AREN’T YOU? Why aren’t you writing articles, reading up, drilling? Why don’t you care? I know putting yourself out there for all to critique can be hard, but for me even if one person comes up and says “I really liked your article” then it was all worth it.

I know for me I will continue to care, I will continue to write, I will continue to train, I will continue to teach, I will continue to listen to fires from other departments at the off-chance I may learn something by listening, I will continue to try and be the very best I can be at my job so that I and YOU (not directed at anyone in particular a “royal” you) can go home to our families.

The point is share what you know, even if you feel it is small someone out there may think it is great. Not a lot of people I know personally like what I do, but a ton of people I have never met have sent me many an email, or comment saying they have learned something from my various ramblings on this blog. It is not hard to do what I do, you just have to care and then share. You do not have to write articles, have a blog or anything like that, all it takes is a 30min drill in the firehouse. However in order to do that you gotta put down the paper, and get out on the apparatus floor, or the drill ground.

So as Joe Dirt would say “Keep on keeping on” keep fighting the good fight out there, Capt. Wines over at Ironfiremen.com talks about people who “get it”. People who get it in my opinion LOVE this job, sure they may have other things going on but the fire department is super important and all things involved (working, training, going to events, going to conferences, etc.) are can’t miss things. People who “get it” NEVER FORGET and understand the lessons of our fallen brothers, and honor them every day by training, and learning from their actions so that if mistakes were made they are no repeated. People who “get it” climb 110 stories on a Sunday, and donate to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Bottom line is BE SOMEONE WHO GETS IT! and if you don’t WHY AREN’T/DON’T YOU?

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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