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Lesson Reinforced

Well the Christmas Season is in full effect, and as usual I am in up to my ears with stuff to do. I am one of the lucky ones to be on 5 day break for Christmas (starting tomorrow) but today I am on shift and that’s where this “lesson” begins.

The day started off like any other day, checking the rigs out, cleaning, eating breakfast, etc. We were told to report to Station 18 for our new accountability system mandatory training @0930. Just as the class finished and we were wishing the rest of our brothers from the surrounding stations a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year etc. it hit…..

Engine 6, Engine 7, Engine 14 Truck 6, Battalion 2 for the house fire in 3’s first in…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We rushed to the rig to at least get back close to our district to be the next engine up if the working fire upgrade was needed or if extra engines were needed on the assignment. We marked back in service and wouldn’t you know it, we got dispatched….on a medical call.

Needless to say WE were not happy! So we responded far into the eastern part of our county, into a companies district that was at the fire….our fire! When we arrived we did our normal routine, parked got the EMS gear and even as I was walking up to the house I was trying to control myself as I was still mad about missing the fire and being on this run.

As we got into the house, we found a man in dire straights and his daughter was crying, saying it was here fault cause she failed to check on him soon enough in the day. Not to go into to many details but the long and short of it is this guy had low blood sugar and was very sick from a debilitating long-term illness. As we worked on him, gave him D50 and the like more and more family members arrived and were very upset and nervous.

Thats where the lesson is, this call may not have been as sexy as a house fire, in fact it was quite routine from an EMS experience, but this moment for them was important, and they needed our help, and were grateful that we showed up as fast as possible. Its something that I have always known but sometimes it takes a backseat to the “fun” stuff.

Do not get me wrong, I am not 100% over missing the fire, and I do not think I ever will be. I want to go to EVERY fire even ones I have no chance of going to, but it does make a difference that even though we didn’t “slay the dragon” today we did help someone and set a family at ease.

The point? Every run, even the mundane ones are important, just because you feel it is insignificant, the person it is happening to thinks it is the worst day ever, and they need help. So like the song says “try to keep your head up” you are making a difference even if you miss a fire here and there.

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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