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December Drill of the Month:Bad Luck Car Fire

Greetings folks, sorry the blogging has been a little light here lately, but this time of year with hunting, Christmas events, etc. it gets harder and harder to continue to find time to sit here and get out good content. That is my goal every time that the content be relevant, and if just 1 person looks at it and gets something out of it then I am satisfied.

The video below was brought to my attention by Fireman Joe Moore who is assigned to Engine 8/A shift in my department. In it you see a video that could happen to ANY engine company in the country. Lets face it a lot of people do not take car or vehicle fires seriously. Some still do not wear all of their PPE, SCBA, or pull appropriate lines to rapidly extinguish the blaze.

In reality these fires can be some of the most dangerous we face. No one knows what people keep in their cars, add in alternative fuel sources, and the dangers of the various roadways we face and these are not things to be taken lightly.

This video reinforces some of the little things that make or break these fires. Things like parking up hill in case the fuel runs and catches fire, chocking the wheels, not pulling the hose line through burning material, and attacking the vehicle at an angle to avoid pressurized bumpers from exploding toward you.

I’m not going to criticize these guys because like I said it could happen to ANYONE, if they lose focus.  I had a similar incident back in my volly days when an Isuzu Rodeo caught fire and rolled down an inclined driveway toward our fire engine. Thankfully it missed us, but it tore the hose up and we had to pull another line to finish the blaze off. Ever since then on accidents and car fires  try to secure the vehicle. On accidents I make sure it is in park, not running, and chocked. Then if needed I disconnect the battery. On a vehicle fire chocking the wheels is the number one priority after scene safety.

Sometimes its the little things that hang us up, lets clean them up so that the only videos on YouTube are succesful ones. Take some time this month, to go over your vehicle fire procedure and then get out and practice it. You can simulate a call in your parking lot with someones personal vehicle, go through your off rig procedure, chock the wheels, and deploy your lines.

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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