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I have been reading a lot lately about job dedication, and
dedication to the fire service. While I agree with a lot of the things people
have been saying I cannot help but think that there has to be something else.

I love the fire department, A LOT it is usually always on my
mind in some form of fashion. I have traveled all over this great country of
ours in search of challenging and informative training classes. I look all over
the internet for little tid bits of information that can and will make me
better. I changed my lifestyle and began to embrace fitness in order to be that
much better on the fire ground.

However with all of that, I still find myself needing some
unwind time. I know that viewing a football game, playing a video game, or
drinking a beer may seem like time wasted to some, and maybe that time could be
better spent trying to figure out the next fire service revolution or trying to
get a personal best on a dead lift, but me sometimes I need a break.

I really need a break from the constant being around people
that do not feel the same way, or do not embrace the fire service as a way of
life instead view as a means to end to just make money. Basically they are just
takers and they are not giving anything back to the organization, company, or
themselves. When I am spending most of my time trying to get better most of
every day. After a while it can get frustrating and I need to blow off some
steam, so throwing myself into something larger than me (sports, online gaming,
comics, etc) relaxes me, and works to refocus my mind on the various tasks,
thoughts, and wants that I have swirling around in there. Some people may
recommend meditation or even religion but that’s just not my bag, if it’s yours
then I hope you use it, but me I’m not the spiritual type, visualization, and
things of that nature do not work for me, I need visual and tactile stimulation
in order to reset my mind.

The whole entire point is that the fire service is a huge
part of my life but in order to prevent getting burnt out on it; you have to
have some other interests and even some releases. Even too much of a good thing
can be bad, especially when it is something you put your heart and soul into.

So whether it is a game, a beer or two, or a good movie it
is important to take some time to relax, recharge your batteries, and then
reengage in the fight. One great way to do this is FDIC which is not as far
away as you think. During it not only are you with likeminded people, but there
is a TON of social activity to get that relaxation that you need to come home
and get back to work.

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