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Updates and FDIC 2012

Well folks it has been super busy here! Work, life, hobbies it is all taking up so much time that sleep has become that relative that comes to visit every so often and never tends to stay long. Some cool things have been happening though and I want to tell you about them.

First some of you may or may not know that my wife Karen has started a blog (www.stickysidedown.wordpress.com) it focuses on the EMS and Emergency Management side of things since that is her expertise. One thing that she has started is posting exercises for EMS providers. A lot of times career EMS providers do not have a home, they are constantly posting (staging in a strategic location) in order to provide rapid response. So unlike firefighters and firefighter medics they seldom get a chance to workout on duty. Also she noticed there is very little tracking of EMS LODD deaths and what information there is not great. So in order to try to make a difference she has been posting EMS Fitness excercise every Monday. These exercises are typically body weight exercises that can be done anywhere with very little equipment. If your lucky enough to have a station or gym access then it will only enhance them. Be sure to go on over and check them out or share them with people who could use them.

In other news about my wife she just gave me some very exciting news about a year ago (give or take a bit) she had been writing EMS articles for Fire Engineering Magazine, and had taught at FDIC East, and FDIC (oh yea she was first, and I can fully admit it). She was asked if she had ever though about writing a book. Well that original conversation after some hard work and long hours is VERY close to being a reality! She just told me that the final product is being shipped here to our home for her final approval. The book as already been in pre sale for a few months and you can get your copy here: http://www.pennwellbooks.com/inmaforems.html I am super proud of all of her hard work, if there is such a thing as an EMS Warrior then she sure fits the bill!

In other news did you know that FDIC 2012 is only 187 days away? Did you know that you can register already? Well if not then WAKE UP 187 days will go by super fast, so DO NOT  let going to FDIC 2012 pass you by. Ask anyone who has ever been this is the greatest fire service experience of your life. Hands on Training, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits, Vendors, Fire Trucks, Parties, Athletic Events! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!!! I went for the first time while I was in college and have tried not to miss one since. The experience I liken FDIC to is like getting to catch a pass from Joe Montana, or play hoops with Jordan those guys are superstars well FDIC is full of fire service SUPERSTARS! Guys who blog, write articles, produce videos, etc. are all in one location and not only can you meet them, they want to meet you and give you the knowledge that you crave and need to do this job.

I am humbled to say that I have once again been selected to teach a 1 hour 45 minute classroom session. Last year I taught my class “Long Stretch Solutions” this year my class will be entitled “Engine Company Emergencies”

Engine Company Emergencies

Master Firefighter Robert Owens, Henrico (VA) Fire          

What to do in emergencies other than those involving Maydays and the need for rescue is the focus of this class. Four engine company emergencies are presented. Students discuss the problems and offer solutions. Scenarios include a trapped hoseline under a door, an initial attack line that is short of its objective, the loss of water for the attack handline at a hostile fire, and hostile fire events such as flashover. Students will understand the importance of situational awareness and its role in the successful outcome of engine company emergencies.

The funny thing is the class has already evolved even before I have taught it! I had an epiphany the other day that lead to the “Do you have a play for this” post and I am going to add some of those thoughts and things that I have gathered since the post in the class. I think it will be really good and I hope if you’re coming that you come see it!

Also you remember that wonderful lady I was talking about earlier? Well not to be outdone she got accepted to teach again as well keeping her streak alive.

Beyond the Water Cooler: EMS Role in Rehab

Emergency Operations Assistant Manager Karen Owens, Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

Incident rehab is normally an easily overlooked aspect of emergency response. Many agencies rely on personnel or on-scene officers to make the decision about whether rehab is necessary and how extensive to create the rehab sector. However, rehab should be a priority for all responders. It provides time for recovery of vital signs to a normal level and can significantly decrease the negative health impacts of the job. Topics include the all-inclusive definition of rehabilitation, the National Fire Protection Association standard covering rehab, the relationship between incident rehabilitation and the incident command system, and the need for a standard operating guideline for rehab and how to develop an effective one

Additionally my father in law is has been involved in EMS and Emergency Management longer than I have been alive will be presenting his signature class

Emergency Responders vs. Electrical Hazards

HMERT Coordinator Frank Cheatham, Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services    

When is the last time your department examined its procedures for responding to incidents involving utility hazards? Many departments are still approaching utility hazards as they have been doing for years. Yet, the rate at which society uses electricity is increasing by leaps and bounds, creating more hazards. This class examines, from the perspectives of the fire service and the electric utility, what steps to take to reduce emergency responders’ contacts with electrical utilities. Students will learn of a training program available to the fire service and will be shown recommended response procedures

In addition to his EMS experience he spent 33 years working as a lineman, and Supervisor for Dominion Va Power and is an absolute expert when it comes to dealing with electricity, and its interaction with public safety providers. This class will answer all your questions about dealing with electrical utility and how to better interact with your utility company.

Well as you can see it has been exciting times here, and it just keeps getting better, stay on the look out for more great things, and be sure to follow along on twitter (@averagejakeff, and for the Sticky Side Down blog @stickysidedwn)

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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