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August Drill Of The Month: Ladder Fall

While things are still busy at the house, I wanted to put this video up on the site. It is one  have seen several ties but it is a true example of even when you do everything right on this job things can still go wrong.

Not saying this guy had done everything right but for the most part he had gone up to rescue a victim that was in trouble in a fire building, sure some stylistic differences, and tactics might be used but at the end of the day this guy was doing the right thing.

The victim he was removing was conscious and just needed assistance, but as you see even in this scenario things still went horribly wrong, causing the victim and fireman to have significant injuries.

The only way to lessen our chances of things going wrong is to control the factors of the equation that we can. We can control our skill level through training, we can control our level of protection by wearing all of our PPE, we can control our physical fitness and fire ground performance by working out, and we can control our safe arrival at the incident by driving appropriately and wearing seatbelts. Will doing this stuff make things 100% safe, no way but by allowing ourselves maximum safety,fitness, and skill level we can lessen the chance of things going wrong and increase our survival when they do.

So this month focus on a serious self assessment. Are you operating safely with maximum PPE protection on every run? Are you physically fit to perform all of the tasks on the fireground? If not what are you doing to fix these problems?

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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