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Pool Rescue

We are deep into summer weather now and people all across the world are taking to their local pools. Some of these pools have life guards but a lot of them do not, and as usual people depend on us to keep them safe, or save them when they are in danger.

When is the last time you have trained on removing victims from a pool?

What is you protocol for patient care in these situations?

Do you know how to shut down a pool drain?

What equipment do you have to effect a pool rescue?

This self assessment is vital to the success of any operation. Now I know we can not know everything about every pool in our district, but the public pools,  the pools in apartment complexes, and gyms (YMCA’s, Golds Gym etc.) we can preplan those, and find out as much as we can about them and the capabilities they have to effect a rescue prior to our arrival.

Take a look at the video below, what would you, or even could you do if faced with this situation? What resources will you need to make this outcome succesful, and how long to get them to mobilize? I know in my department we have a Water Rescue Team, but they tend to specialize more in swift water (on the river) and diving, plus getting them and all of their equipment on scene and then them getting into action will be time-consuming. I’m sure this is a similar circumstance to other departments out there.

Leave you plan of action, or any other feedback or comments below in the comments section, on email, or twitter www.twitter.com/averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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