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Safety and Survival Week: Final

Sorry for no post yesterday, but I was busy taking my NREMT-I practical exam. I passed by the way.

This is the final post for Safety and Survival week and I want to focus on the core to all of our issues, physical fitness. Now trust me like I have said before I am not a picture of fitness, I will never be on a hot firefighter calendar, and I will never win a fitness competition. However I do workout 3-4 times a week, although it was not always like that. I ballooned up to 216lbs at one point, I was tired all the time, felt sluggish, and the worst thing began to lose the ability to make a bottle last on the fireground. Something had to change so I decided to get back in the gym and get serious today I am 180 and I am running 10Ks, 5ks, and this fall I am going to run the Tough Mudder www.toughmudder.com

Now it is not all working out either, what we eat makes a big difference. I cut out soda, white bread, and a lot of sweets. I was an ice cream every night guy, and now I am an ice cream once a week (or maybe not at all) guy. Also I cut my portions in half. I was usually a 2 serving eater, now I get 1 serving and call it a night, or at a bar I would order 12 wings (or at Hooters 20 wings) now I order half of that. I still drink beer, and eat ice cream but not to the extreme I did. Life is too short to be perfect all of the time but if your eating good most of the time and have a serious work out regimen you will see big time results. The biggest of results has come from fireground performance, I have gained strength, and endurance and I can go like I did when I was 18.

Now my way may not work for you but something out there has to. The video below is just one example of a workout you can do with minimal equipment. While I am a member of a gym, you do not need a gym to get in shape, body weight exercises, and walking/running can give you amazing fitness gains. Chris Brennan and Brian Brush over at www.fireservicewarrior.com also have a fitness program that is broken up into on duty and off duty days if that is more your speed.

The bottom line is all of the things that have been talked about this week are great, but if you do not have the fitness level to bail out, search for missing firefighters, or throw ladders it is all for nothing. Fitness is the final key to survival without it you are just educated, and lack the final component to put that knowledge into action.

If you are interested in what I am doing for fitness whenever I workout I post what I did on twitter under the hash tag #FSWFITNESS, but you gotta follow along on twitter www.twitter.com/averagejakeff  in order to see it, and other expanded content!

I hope you all have had a great Safety and Survival Week, as usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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