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Safety and Survival Week 5: Skills

During this week we have been looking at a lot of videos and analyzing what we can do in our own departments, and with ourselves to prevent and survive in the event we are faced with MAYDAY situations.

Now that we understand the problems, and trends that are out there we can start to focus on the individual skills, and drills that will aid us bridge the gap between our knowledge base, and real life.

The video below depicts in my opinion one of the easiest and best ways to bail out, the “Rope Slide”. It is my preferred way to “bail out” I wrote about it here:http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/bailout/

The biggest reason I use the rope slide is because other bail out systems and methods require a harness, which unless integrated into your turnout gear takes to long to build in a hostile fire event which requires immediate bail out. The rope slide only requires a bag of rope, and the ability to hook it to an anchor, which can be done with a knot, or carabiner.

However there is the ability to build your own integrated harness using webbing and the type of bunker pants that have snaps. I posted that video here: http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/build-a-harness/

A lot of these videos come from Dale Pekel and his YouTube page here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/FFDGP

I can say this with confidence that Dale has the most comprehensive videos on the topic of Firefighter Survival anywhere, if you have a “survival skill” need, question, or issue he has probably done a video about it. You should definitely check it out if you have not already.

Also I have written about this topic in several posts on this blog simply look to the left of the main page, and under the categories heading click on Rescue/RIT/EMS that will take you to several of my opinions, more videos, and skills from previous posts.

The most important thing in any training is to make the skill work for you, again you may not have an integrated harness, but you still need to figure out how to get out in an emergency. The same goes for other variables, take them into account and make them work for you not against you.

If you are doing or have done anything interesting this week for training then please share it! Send us video, pictures, or just comments.

Also do not forget to follow along on twitter, www.twitter.com/averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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