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Safety and Survival Week 4: Randolph FD Mayday, and Rescue

This video depicts a fire in which a crew is inside searching for reported trapped occupants, and gets cut off by fire, disoriented, and low on air. The MAYDAY comes out and guys begin to spring into action trying to rescue the brothers who are in trouble.

The video ends with them locating the missing fireman, and the visibly exhausted fireman attempting a ladder bail, only to miss the transition and fall from the window.

Again the goal of this week is to watch these videos and pick out what you can do to prevent, and survive if ever faced with these situations. So sit down (either alone or with your crew) and find the answers to questions like these:

What could have been done to prevent this MAYDAY?

What do you have with you to bail out of a window with no ladder?

What could the RIT/RIC have done better?

What could the IC have done better?

When is the last time you practiced a ladder bail?

If you were the RIT/RIC team leader, how would you deploy, and what tools and or resources would you take?

The answers you find may save your life or your brothers lives. Any feedback, or comments leave them in the comments section, email, or twitter.

As always you can follow along on my fire service journey at www.twitter.com/averagejakeff

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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